Thoughts Diary #03
Europe’s location advantage

The startup and venture capital scene is tense – especially in the U.S. Ever since it became known that Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) was in trouble and then went bankrupt, the nasty L-word has been haunting the sector. Is the sector having its Lehman Brothers moment?

Thoughts Diary #02
More of a beginning than an end

“The race in the field of generative artificial intelligence (AI) is decided. Start-ups hardly stand a chance against the technology of OpenAI (and thus Microsoft) and Google.” If most of the German and international media had their way, founders and investors would withdraw from the AI market …

Thoughts Diary #01
Surprise – or not

War, inflation, interest rate hikes – it is a toxic mix that potential IPOs have been battling with for the past year. At the same time, many investors are still reeling from the disillusionment of IPO valuations that collapsed with the end of the Covid boom…