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flatexDEGIRO announces five-year vision: up to 8 million customers and 350 million transactions, resulting in a cumulative operating cash flow of over 1 billion EUR

  • New 5-year vision: increasing the European customer base to an unrivaled level of 7-8 million brokerage customers, processing 250-350 million transactions p.a. – even in years with low market volatility
  • Growing interest in online brokerage in massively underdeveloped continental European markets is currently attracting high capital inflows, which continue to drive hypergrowth
  • flatexDEGIRO‘s unique European presence in 18 countries, which has been built up over the last decade, enables the company to benefit like no other from the accelerated dynamism and to continue to significantly outperform all European peers
  • Superior European brokerage strategy, a high-quality customer base and outstanding investment power based on its own annual cash flows in the three-digit million range accelerate record growth of the customer base
  • Further verticalization of the brokerage platform with additional products and services will lead to significant additional profitability growth per customer

Frankfurt am Main – flatexDEGIRO AG (WKN: FTG111, ISIN: DE000FTG1111, ticker: FTK.GR), Europe’s largest online broker for private customers, today announced its new 5-year vision. The company aims to serve 7-8 million brokerage clients and process 250-350 million transactions per year by 2026 – even in years of low market volatility. With the clearly established positioning as price and cost leader in high-growth markets and the proven ability to gain significant market shares from both established providers and in an organically growing market, flatexDEGIRO aims to further accelerate customer growth to an average of more than 1 million new customers in each the next five years.

A rapidly and steadily growing number of private investors across Europe are increasingly making use of the possibilities of the capital markets for self-determined asset accumulation, especially against the background of the lack of alternative savings products due to the negative interest rate landscape. At the same time, the continental European online brokerage landscape was largely characterized in the past by an underdeveloped range of high-quality providers who give private customers inexpensive access to share trading and savings plans. With its clear positioning as the price leader, supported by one of the most extensive product offerings and a state-of-the-art technology platform that meets the highest demands, flatexDEGIRO, with its already unique and established presence in all European growth markets, is at the forefront of the accelerated transformation.

“We are experiencing a new phase of hyper growth in online brokerage. Major secular trends have accelerated over the past 12 to 18 months. The countries we mainly focus on are still underdeveloped in terms of online brokerage today. We assume that our target market will quadruple and that around 75 million new potential customers will be added in the next few years. In view of our market positioning and strong cash flows, no one is better positioned to benefit from this enormous medium and long-term growth. “, Frank Niehage, CEO of flatexDEGIRO, explains the company’s unique opportunity.” The current massive capital inflows into the brokerage industry do not confirm this only our assessment of the high long-term attractiveness of the industry, but they will increase the level of awareness of online brokerage in general. This will drive our organic growth. “

“With our superior brokerage model, which offers a high quality selection of products and services as well as the highest reliability and security at the lowest cost, we have won the trust of the most sustainable and attractive customer groups – well-off private customers with stable incomes, five- to six-figure assets and a average annual trading and savings volume of almost 300,000 euros. We are currently gaining around 3,000 new customers every calendar day and have processed more than 120 million transactions in just 18 months. Over 30 billion euros in customer assets, average order sizes of up to 5,000 euros and a churn rate of well under 5 percent per year impressively show how much we stand out from other market participants “, adds Muhamad Chahrour, CFO of flatexDEGIRO and CEO of DEGIRO.

“With our established line-up, we are years ahead of the competition. Our pronounced profitability gives us annual cash flows in the hundreds of millions. That is the clout to advance our leading position organically and from our own resources, so that we will achieve market leadership in one country after another. There is no getting around flatexDEGIRO when it comes to online brokerage for private customers in continental Europe.”

On the occasion of the announcement of the new five-year version, flatexDEGIRO AG will hold an analyst call on May 25, 2021 at 10 a.m. CET. Interested investors can follow this live. The dial-in data can be found on the website > Investor Relations > Reports and Financial Calendar.

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